Our Menu

“GF” All of our rubs and sauces are gluten free.
Please keep in mind that we do not have a gluten free kitchen

Call For Take Out
616 987 3352

Call For Take Out 616 987 3352
Includes two sides and a piece of cornbread (Excludes Meat Madness)
Combo Platter GF
Pulled pork, Ribs, and Brisket. 18.99
Pork Spareribs GF
Our ribs are dry rubbed. Pick your sauce at the table. Half order 11.99 full Order 19.99
Beef Brisket GF
The Texas-style brisket smoked over oak with 100% wood fire. 17.99
Pulled Pork GF
Our Pig Butts are mouth-watering. Dry rubbed served tender and moist. 12.99
½ Smoked Chicken GF
Dry rubbed and smoked to juicy perfection. 12.99
Sausage GF
Smoked in house! Porky, Smokey and delicious. 16.99
Fried Chicken – Plain or Hot
Our fried chicken can’t be beaten. Choose original or hot. 12.99
Fried or Grilled Catfish
Flash fried and flaky or quickly seared on our flat top. 12.99
3 redneck tacos
Inquire with your server about this week’s special 12.99
MG’s Manly Man Meat Madness (serves 4)
Mile high with brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, smoked chicken, fried chicken skins, bacon wrapped jalapeno, mac balls, and cornbread. And no stinking coleslaw. Share for sure! 68.99


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352
Chili Cheese Fries
Gooey and yummy with our house made chili and cheese sauce with onion and jalapeno 6.99
Mac & Cheese Balls
Our ooey gooey mac & cheese rolled into a ball and deep fried served with a spicy cheese dipping sauce. 7.99
Jumbo Chicken Wings GF
Whole, smoked wings, flash fried for crispness. Plain or Hot. 8.99
Amazing hot mess. House fried tortilla chips loaded with either pulled pork, brisket pork belly or chicken topped with cheese sauce, Main Street Spicy Sauce, onions, pickled jalapenos, and black olives. 9.99
Pork Belly / Pulled Pork / Brisket
Pick 3. Prepared just like the sandwich, only smaller. 8.99
Smoked Jalapenos GF
Smoked jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and pulled pork, wrapped in bacon. What more could you want? 7.99
Fried Pickles
Deep fried pickle chips served plain or hot 6.99
Redneck Taco
Inquire with your server about this week’s special. 3.99


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352
Includes one side and cucumbers & onion garnish.
Star Spangled Pigwich
Delectable pulled pork topped with our fresh slaw, dill pickle chips,served on a traditional soft bun. Sauce served on the table. (Our favorite with this sandwich is the mustard.) 7.99
Brisket Sandwich
Slow smoked, juicy brisket on our traditional soft bun. Topped with onions, dill chips, and melted, aged white cheddar. Sauces on the table. (Our favorite for this sandwich is Main street BBQ or Spicy.) 9.99
Brisket Reuben
Served on rye with a mixture of sauerkraut and coleslaw topped with Swiss and thousand island dressing. 9.99
Brisket French Dip
Served on a sub roll with sauteed mushrooms and onion, swiss cheese and horseradish sauce, au jus on the side. 10.99
Black Bean Chipotle Burger
We need something for our little bunny friends. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. 9.99
Choose from chili, cheese sauce, onion, dill chips, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos. This is messy one, no dress clothes allowed Bratwurst 8.99 Nathan’s Hotdog 5.99
Pork Belly Bun
Slow roasted, smoked pork belly. Served on our soft bun. Topped with our cucumbers & onions. Sauces Served on the table. (Our favorite for this sandwich is mustard or white sauce.) 8.99
Main Street Diner Burger
Old School flat top burger perfection. Single Patty. 7.99 Add a Patty. 1.99 Add Cheese .50 Add Bacon .99 Ask about our fried onion burger.
Fried or flat top grilled catfish filet. Light and flaky served on our traditional soft bun wth shredded lettuce and tartar sauce. 8.99


Baby Q Baskets
Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

Baby Q Basket 3.99


Includes one side (12 and Under)

Bow Wow (hotdog)

Oink (Pulled pork)

Chirp (chicken Tenders)

Moo (burger)

Wiggle (noodles w/butter)

Ooey Gooey (mac)


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

Cup 2.99 Bowl 4.99

Spicy Smoked Chicken Chowder

Vegetarian Chili

With Brisket or Pulled Pork add .99


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

Large farm house iceberg salad with all the trimmings. 5.99 Add a protein. 3.99

Salad Dressings:

Ranch, French, Italian, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Orange, Mello Yello, Mr Pibb 1.79

Lemonade, Tea, Sweet Tea, Raspberry tea 1.79

Draft Sprecher Rootbeer 2.50


Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

All Sides: 2.99 each

Macaroni salad

Creamy pasta salad with onion red pepper, and black olives.

Coleslaw GF

Freshly made daily our slaw is vinegar-based, crispy goodness.

Potato Salad GF

House made with onion, celery, egg, potatoes and mayo. Try adding some of our mustard sauce.

Mac N Cheese

Gorgeous gooey comfort.

2 Mac & Cheese Balls

Served with a spicy cheese dipping sauce.


Fast food style. Kids love em’! Well, so do grown-ups.

Baked Beans GF

Jacked up pork n beans with bacon.

Pickled Cucumbers & Onions GF

Sliced cukes and sweet onions, just like Grandma used to make.

Hush Plus

Got to have the pups, plain or with heat.

Greens GF

Porky Southern Greens. A mixture of collard, mustard, and turnip, bacon grease is the secret.

Small Farmhouse salad

All-American classic. With crisp iceberg, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese and croutons.

Cornbread ( 4 Pieces )

The perfect compliment to good que.


The Sweet Finish
Call For Take Out 616 987 3352

Banana Pudding

House made, the perfect BBQ dessert. 3.99

Kids’ Sundae

Pick your toppings. 2.99

Rootbeer Float

Made with our draft rootbeer. 3.99


Ask your server for today’s selection 3.99


For The Best BBQ In Grand Rapids, Mi. Call 616 987 3352